Harthill Allotment Association

Frequently Asked Questions

1 How much does it cost? The rent is set each year by LCC and runs from 1st January. In 2015 it was £41.00 for a full plot for the year, part plots are charged on a pro rata basis; the Treasurer of Harthill Allotment Association collects the rent on behalf of LCC. The additional Membership fee is agreed by the Association‘s Management Committee to cover expected costs, likewise there is an additional charge made to cover the water bills.
2 How big are the plots? A standard plot is 10 rod, this is 90 feet by 30 feet. Harthill has two third, half, third, quarter and sixth plots as well as full plots.
3 How much time does it take? This does depend on the size of the plot you rent and the condition of the plot when you take it on. A full plot takes between 14 and 20 hours a week – this can be more during busy planting/harvest times and less during the colder months (allotments need attention the whole year), little and often is the best solution.
4 Can I have a shed? No, Harthill Allotment Association considered this at the  AGM in 2008, and the meeting decided that given the problems of vandalism and the fact that there are very few full plots we wouldn’t have sheds.
5 Is there any electricity? No, there isn’t an electrical supply.
6 Is there running water? There are four tanks fed by mains (not potable) water and water can be collected via watering cans (no taps, therefore no hoses). Water entering the site does so through a meter and the Association pays for all water used.
7 Is there a toilet? Yes, Since November 2015 we have had a water free composting toilet provided by a grant from the Big Lottery Fund
8 Where is Harthill? The allotments at Harthill are on Harthill Road Liverpool 18, opposite the Quarry Bank wing of Calderstones Community School.
9 How do I get  on the waiting list? Contact Harthill Allotment Association via email enquiries@harthillallotments.org.uk to arrange a site viewing – Harthill might be just what you want, but then it might not be, and then decide if you want to go on the list.
10 How long is the waiting list? Plots become vacant when plot holders’ lives change. Some years there is a lot of movement and others there is very little.
11 What can I grow on the allotment? Allotments are for growing edible crops such as vegetables, fruits and herbs.
12 Is there parking? There is limited parking available on site.
13 How long can I have a plot for? The tenancy agreement lasts 12 months and is renewed annually. You do not have to renew your tenency if you wish to stop allotment gardening. When plots become vacant they are offered to those on the top of the waiting list.
14 Who can apply for a plot? Plot holders need to be over 18 years of age and be a Liverpool resident.

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