Harthill Allotment Association

Description of site
Welcome to the website for Harthill Allotment Association. Harthill allotments is a friendly allotment site situated on the edge of Calderstones Park in the South of Liverpool. It is an allotment site that has different size plots to meet different people‘s needs. It is a green site with grass paths, hedgerows and some views into the neighbouring park.
Our waiting list is currently CLOSED. Emails will not be responded to.
If you are already on our formal waiting list [ you have previously met a committee member on the allotment site and agreed to be put on our formal list] and have any enquires- please title the email 'I am on formal waiting list and have an enquiry'.
Past enquiry emails will not be responded to until there is a time where there are spaces on our formal waiting list.
For future reference, please be aware of the following.

  1. Our waiting list is currently CLOSED. Emails will not be responded to. If and when our enquires/waiting list open it will be posted on our ' contact' page for a limited period
  2. Plot holders must be over 18 years of age
  3. Plot holders must not have an allotment plot on another site
  4. Aware that plots that become available and offered, will be overgrown and weedy and will require significant time and commitment to bring back into cultivation. This can involve digging, weeding, managing weeds, replacing / renewing plants, replacing / constructing plant beds, composting, planting / purchasing vegetable crops/ fruit bushes.
  5. Plots are offered as they become available, some plots can experience shade and are at a reduced size [ reduced plot sizes have been more successful for most].
  6. Allotments require year-round and consistent commitment and not suited for those who are unable to provide this [ there are failure rates with new allotment holders who underestimate the time and physical commitment required]
  7. This site does not have walk in sheds, greenhouses, electricity, water hoses, clubhouse, or livestock [ some other sites do allow chickens]
  8. The plot holder is aware of the location of this site (adjacent to Calderstones park) and can get to and from the site [there are other sites that are in the city which may be closer to home/ transport links]. There is limited parking on site.
  9. Payment and securing of a plot does not guarantee long term ownership- allotment plots are on a rental basis and must be used for allotmenting as per an Allotment Agreement. Failure to adhere to this can result in the plot being lost.

Existing plot holders who may have enquires- please use our alternative email as this enquires email is not checked frequently.